Owning art is a very personal experience. A desert landscape can inspire nostalgia for road trips taken in our youth. Fog rolling over mountains can instill a sense of tranquility. A river depicted in cerulean blue can remind us to slow down and appreciate life’s simple beauty. We choose art because it speaks to us. Often, however, the act of buying art can be very impersonal.

Summit Fine Art was founded on the belief that buying art should be a meaningful and enjoyable experience. While Summit utilizes technology and new media, direct, personal interaction with our clients is encouraged and valued. We are privileged to represent some of today’s very best artists. We look forward to working with those that have an interest in acquiring art that will enhance their life for a very long time. 

Darell Tunnicliff

Darell began his art career twelve years ago as agent for his longtime friend Clyde Aspevig. For over forty years he has travelled extensively attending museum exhibitions and art events. His travels have taken him to Russia where he saw art by the great Russian masters including the Isaak Levitan exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Scandinavia to see the work of Anders Zorn and Fritz Thaulow, Europe and London to view the many great works of art in the numerous museums in that region. 

 Darell travels annually to attend the auctions in New York City, visit art galleries, and spend time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While having travelled extensively to see remarkable art from around the world, he is still drawn back to the exceptional work being done by current representational artists. 

Prior to his work in the art world, Darell received his bachelor’s degree in economics. After graduation, he worked in the financial industry as a Vice President for U S Bank in both the commercial lending and trust departments. Darell is very active in his local art community having served as a board member of the Yellowstone Art Museum and is currently serving as board president for Arts Without Boundaries, an organization that encourages and facilitates student participation in all of the arts.