"On Autumn Winds" - New Painting by Randal Dutra for the 2016 Prix de West

"A Black Bear pauses, catching a scent carried by fall winds. The activity of shimmering leaves, along with the rustle of the fallen ones makes not only for a visual tapestry but an aural one as well." -Randal Dutra

"On Autumn Winds - 40 x 30 inches, Oil on Belgian Linen

Randal Dutra’s newest painting “On Autumn Winds” (40 x 30, Oil on Belgian Linen) is a little sneak peek at a painting that will be featured at the 2016 Prix de West annual exhibition. One of the world’s premiere western art exhibitions, the Prix de West opens on the weekend of June 10th - 11th and continues through August 7th.

We are looking forward to seeing this painting on the walls of such a prestigious venue. 

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