New Painting by Matt Smith - "Autumn on the Sweetwater"

While the subject matter of this painting is very pleasing, it is the message and artistry of the work that create lasting interest.

Autumn On The Sweetwater - 20x24 inches

As they meander through the landscape, mountain fed streams are the ribbon of life for the high plains. The distant mountains, nearly depleted of snow in the late fall, continue to provide a source of water for the fragile prairie ecosystem. When viewing this painting, we are reminded that, while life can be challenging, the stream is flowing and the snow-pack will be recharged. We have much to be thankful for. 

Matt's artistic use of color and composition makes the stream the focal point. The repetitive use of colors and shapes, and the positioning of the foliage are all skillfully used to support the center of interest and to create depth in the painting.     

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